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Shilpa Shetty shares FIRST Instagram post days after husband Raj Kundra’s arrest in porn case



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Shilpa Shetty shares FIRST Instagram post days after husband Raj Kundra’s arrest in porn case

Three days after Raj Kundra was sent into police custody by police in an alleged connection to a porn films racket, his wife and actress Shilpa Shetty shared a cryptic post. On Thursday, the actress took to her Instagram stories and shared a picture of a chapter that had James Thurber’s quote which read, “Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.”

“We look back in anger at the people who’ve hurt us, the frustrations we’ve felt, the bad luck we’ve endured. We look forward in fear at the possibility that we might lose our job, contract a disease, or suffer the death of a loved one,” it read further.

“The place we need to be is right here, right now- not looking anxiously at what has been or what might be, but fully aware of what is.”

“I take a deep breath, knowing that I’m lucky to be alive. I have survived challenges in the past and will survive challenges in the future. Nothing need distract me from living my life today,” it added.

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India Tv - Shilpa Shetty shares FIRST Instagram post days after husband Raj Kundra's arrest in porn case


Shilpa Shetty shares FIRST Instagram post days after husband Raj Kundra’s arrest in porn case

Earlier in the day, Shilpa Shetty’s last social media post before her husband’s arrest also caught everyone’s attention. The post was about Tratak meditation and a calm mind. She captioned the post as, ”We may not always have the power to change what’s happening around us, but we can definitely control what happens within. That is possible only through Yoga. Give yourself the ability to calm the mind, reduce unwanted thoughts, centre your wandering attention, and improve your focus through Tratak Meditation”.

According to the police, the case is just the tip of an iceberg in a porn films racket. ​After his arrest, the Mumbai Police Commissioner, Hemant Nagrale, said in a statement, “There was a case registered with Crime Branch Mumbai in February 2021 about the creation of pornographic films and publishing them through some Apps. We’ve arrested Mr Raj Kundra in this case on 19/7/21 as he appears to be the key conspirator of this.”

Reportedly, Ripu Sudan Balkrishna Kundra alias Raj Kundra had sold the app in question to a UK-based company Kenrin Pvt Ltd which was owned by his brother-in-law Pradeep Bakshi. Kundra’s Viaan Industries had a tie-up with London-based company Kenrin, which owns ‘Hotshots’ app, allegedly involved in publishing pornographic films, a senior police official said.

“Though the company was registered in London, the content creation, operation of the app and accounting was done through Kundra’s Viaan Industries,” said Milind Bharambe, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime), at a press briefing. Kenrin is owned by the brother-in-law of Kundra, he said.

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The police have gathered evidence that establishes connections between the two business entities, the officer said. They have found their WhatsApp groups, e-mail exchanges, accounting details and some pron films after a search of Kundra’s Mumbai office, Bharambe said.

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