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Will CBSE cancel exams for private students? This is board’s official response



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CBSE’s response on cancellation of exams for private students: ‘Don’t have desired records’

Amid a social media storm surrounding calls for cancellation of CBSE exams for Class 12 private students, the board on Wednesday said it does not have the “desired records”, stating that their results “cannot be prepared based on the assessment policy”. 

“In case of private students, neither the schools nor CBSE have the desired records, hence, their result cannot be prepared based on the assessment policy,” the board said in its official response today.

For regular students, schools have conducted a unit test, mid-term and pre-board examination and thus the performance of these students was available, the board said. It added that for private students, no records based on which their assessment could be done without any examination as done in case of regular students is available and thus tabulation policy cannot be implemented. 

The board said that the issue of private students was also discussed in Supreme Court of India and thereafter policy was decided wherein written examination will be held for declaring result of private candidates. “This issue was discussed in detail and the court has agreed to it with all petitioners,” it said. 

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Image Source : CBSE

CBSE’s response on cancellation of exams for private students: ‘Don’t have desired records’

The CBSE further made it clear that it would conduct exams for private category of students between August 16, 2021 and September 15, 2021 and their result will also be declared in the minimum possible time to avoid any difficulty to them in admission in higher education. A notification in this regard will be issued soon. 

It said that the UGC and CBSE are looking into the interest of all the students and UGC will be synchronizing admission schedule based on the result of these students as it was done by UGC in 2020. 

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