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‘My Phone Is Tapped, Situation Grave Than Emergency’: Mamata Tears Into Centre Over Pegasus Row



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New Delhi: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday launched a harsh strike on the Modi government over the Pegasus spyware controversy, claiming that the present condition is graver than the Emergency. 

“What is Pegasus? It’s a high-loaded virus. Our safety and security are at risk. Nobody has freedom”, said the TMC supremo said while speaking to reporters in the national capital.

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The remarks come from Delhi, where she will meet with Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday. 

“My phone is already tapped. If Abhishek’s (Mukherjee) phone is tapped, and I am talking to him, then, automatically my phone is tapped too. Pegasus has put everyone’s life in danger” Banerjee said on the hotbed issue of Pegasus snoopgate controversy.

She also called the matter very serious since it involves life, security, and property of people adding that if one phone can be hacked, so can be many more. 

While speaking about her meetings with Opposition leaders, Banerjee said, “I’m meeting Sonia (Gandhi) and (Delhi CM Arvind) Kejriwal today. Yesterday, Lalu Yadav called me. Every day, we are talking to each other. After the Parliament session Opposition parties must meet. Let us initiate and start talking.”

According to ANI, she even suggested Modi vs country in the 2024 General elections. 

On being questioned if her suggestion of the opposition parties coming together to discuss the matter also suggests her will to volunteer as the face of the Opposition against BJP, she said that it will depend upon the situation and political parties coming together, adding that she is no political astrologer. 

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The Bengal CM also went on to comment on the current situation of the ongoing Parliamentary Monsoon Session.  

“They simply suspended it. I don’t want to interfere. I respect that. But there should be a resolution” she sfurther pointing out that the Central government carries a “do not care” attitude. 

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