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Ganga, Yamuna Water Level Rises; People Move To Higher Ground



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Pryagaraj: The incessant rains in the country have different parts at the risk of flooding. Now, low-lying areas at Sangam, in Prayagraj saw an increase in the water level of the rivers Ganga and Yamuna after 24 hours of heavy rainfall in the northern part of the country

Earlier on Wednesday, the water level of river Ganga at Gangotri rose significantly due to heavy rainfall, and as parts of a mountain near the Gangotri Dham fell in the river. 

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The people living in low-lying areas have started leaving their places as the water level rises. Shopkeepers and boat owners are also moving towards safer places.

“A lot of boats have been stuck and 15-20 people are trying hard to remove those boats. The water level of the rivers is rising quite fast. I have never seen such a rise in the water level of the rivers before,” said Panchu, a local resident to ANI.

“The water level of Ganga was rising for the last two to three days but since yesterday it is rising at a faster pace, the shopkeepers, people living on the Ghats are being shifted to safer places”, said Puneet Kumar Srivastava, another local.

On Wednesday low-lying areas in Kanpur also saw an increase in the water level in Ganga due to consistent heavy rains in the hilly regions of North India and also due to the opening of flood gates on dams in Haridwar and Narora.


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