Is Reservation For Backward Classes In NEET A Master Stroke By BJP?


PM Modi’s move of reservation for OBC and economically weak students in medical examination is being termed as a masterstroke. The PM himself is also considering it as a masterstroke in terms of social upliftment. But the meaning of a masterstroke is that tables should be turned. So the question is, which masterstroke is this? You have heard what has been said, but before the elections of five states including UP, this decision was taken to reverse which game? Also, the question arises that what was the need for this reservation?

Before telling you the secret hidden in these questions, it is important to understand what this decision is

So, to understand in a simple way that after the recommendations of Mandal Commission, 27 percent reservation for backward was started in the country. Despite that, this reservation was not made available to the All India Quota of medical courses in the country.

In fact, 15 percent of MBBS seats in all medical colleges of the country and 50 percent in postgraduate ie MD / MS seats are filled from the All India quota. After the order of the Supreme Court, since 2007, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes started getting the benefits of reservation in All India Quota, other backward class candidates were not getting this benefit. Just before the Uttar Pradesh elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi played a masterstroke in the form of reservation for OBCs in the All India quota of medical studies.

Now the first thing hidden behind this master stroke is what was the need for it?

The last few months have been particularly contemplative for the BJP. In West Bengal, the party could not form the government even after all the efforts. Had to change chief ministers in Uttarakhand and Karnataka. In the midst of all this, from Mamta Banerjee to Sharad Pawar, they are also running a campaign to form an opposition front with the Congress. In Uttar Pradesh, the Bahujan Samaj Party is trying to return to power with the Dalit-Brahmin equation, while the Congress also wants to play the Brahmin card by putting Pramod Tiwari ahead. In such a situation, the BJP has focused on the backward to protect its vote bank.

The secret is that with all the equations BJP has come to know that the OBC card is being further enhanced. BJP’s assessment is that Congress can also join the National Front directly or indirectly. The question of who will be the anti-Modi nucleus remains unanswered, but the opposition together will put up a tough challenge. All eyes are especially on Uttar Pradesh. That is why, BJP has decided to increase its vote percentage so that no one can rock its foundation.

It is a matter of secret that the Bharatiya Janata Party believes that its own permanent vote bank is 20 to 22 percent. This vote bank is associated with the BJP by drowning in the ideology and the syrup of Hindutva. The party wants to increase it to around 45 percent. For this, the BJP finds it appropriate to focus on the backward classes. The expansion in the Modi cabinet, as well as posters all over Uttar Pradesh, that Modi had given a place to 27 percent backward in his cabinet, were the hallmark of the BJP’s backward card. Now the decision of OBC reservation in medical is an extension of this link.

Why OBC card only?

So the answer is population participation. It means the statistics also testify that wherever OBCs will go, the way to power is there. According to the National Sample Survey, 41 percent of the population of the country is backward, 21 percent is scheduled caste and 9 percent is scheduled tribe. In this, by focusing on the backward classes, the BJP wants a permanent connection with power. This means that even if the National Front comes into existence firmly, the party should have enough votes that there should be no problem in forming the government.

This has happened in Gujarat as well. When Congress fought strongly, BJP increased its vote share. It has been tried and tested. Now preparations are on to implement the same formula in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. How seriously the BJP is taking the politics of backward classes, it can be understood from a small recent development.

Recently, when the office bearers of the Uttar Pradesh BJP Backward Classes Cell were announced, almost all the leaders of the state BJP including organization general secretary Sunil Bansal tweeted it. The news of inducting 28 ministers of backward classes in the Union Cabinet is being communicated to the public by putting hoardings in the state. In such a situation, by fulfilling the old demand of backward class reservation in medical education, BJP would like to capitalize on it in the elections. If some castes show concern, then efforts will be made to persuade them by telling them about protection of Hindutva and also the 10% reservation for the poor upper castes. Still, even if some people do not agree, that deficit will be filled by the affiliation of the backwards.

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