22 Districts Of 7 States Report Hike In Daily Covid Cases; Govt Warns Against Third Wave


New Delhi: The increase in new cases of coronavirus infection in 22 districts of seven states of the country has raised concerns for Central and state governments. While speaking at the daily media briefing of the Ministry of Health on Tuesday, Joint Secretary Luv Aggarwal said that this increase in the case of Corona is a “matter of concern”.

He said that week after week there is a steady decline in new cases of Covid. But if we compare the rate of decline in cases till now, then its lack remains a matter of concern. Agarwal pointed out that the Health Ministry is in constant touch with the states regarding the same.

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Luv Aggarwal said that there are more than 10 per cent positive cases in 54 districts in the country. All over the world also, an increase in Covid cases is being reported once again, which is a matter of concern.

He even warned not to slack off in the fight against the virus and said that the government is tracking those areas where cases are increasing so that strict measures can be taken.

The Health Ministry also informed that till now a total of 44 crore corona vaccine doses have been administered in the country. Luv Aggarwal said that more than 5 lakh cases are being reported all over the world and in the last 14 days, France is witnessing a spurt in new infections.

Agarwal further said that country is reporting a recovery rate of 97.4 per cent at the moment and there has been a decrease in overall cases, but the threat of third wave looms large.

Corona case increase in North East

Last week’s COVID-19 data shows that growth in cases in some districts in India. But all of India’s Northeastern states, except Assam, have seen a 16.2 per cent increase in COVID-19 cases last week. A spike in COVID-19 cases was seen in four out of seven Northeastern states, while Arunachal Pradesh recorded cases close to the state’s peak reached last week.

Although they do not come close to the 1.1 lakh cases of COVID-19 found in Kerala in the last week (July 19 – July 25). But the growth of corona infection in the Northeast remains a matter of concern for the health department. 24,632 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in the seven Northeastern states of India last week. This is higher than the 21,200 cases recorded the week before. 

This is the third consecutive week where a growth in COVID-19 cases has been registered in the region. A 14.5 per cent drop in weekly cases was registered in the Northeastern states between June 20 and 27, five weeks ago.

There was a slight change in case numbers in the following few weeks. However, the positivity rate has continued to increase in the last few weeks. In the last three weeks, COVID-19 positive case rate was recorded at 17.3 per cent, 15 per cent and 16.2 per cent.

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