40 Crore Indians Still Vulnerable To Corona, Two-Thirds Have Covid Antibodies: ICMR Survey


New Delhi: About 40 crore Indians are still vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus, according to the national sero-survey.

Seroprevalence has been found in 67.6 percent of the people in the country i.e. antibodies have been found in two-thirds of the people, according to the survey.

The survey was carried out on 28,975 people from 70 districts in 21 states. 10 villages or wards from every district were a part of this survey.

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Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Director General Dr Balram Bhargava, who briefed in this regard, said the latest national sero-survey included children between six and 17 years of age.

He added that children can withstand the infection better than the elderly.

“Overall seroprevalence is 67.6 percent in the entire population. In the people of 6-9 years’ age group, it was 57.2 percent. In 10-17 years, it was 61.6%. In 18-44 years, it was 66.7%. In 45-60 years, it was 77.6%,” he said.

“Among those who have not received any vaccine against the virus, the seroprevalence was 62.3 percent, while those with one dose of the jab, it was 81 percent. In those who received both the doses, it was 89.8 percent,” ANI quoted Dr Bhargava as saying.

Around 85 percent of the health workers have contracted COVID-19. In view of the same, the Union Health Ministry has recommended to strictly follow Covid appropriate behaviour and avoid traveling unless absolutely essential.

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