After 11 Weeks Of Downward Trend Covid Cases Surge Again, Know States With Highest Cases


Covid Update: There has been an increase in Covid-19 cases in the country, yet again. The cases of Covid-19 have increased for the first time in 11 weeks since the second wave of the pandemic. It is feared that the daily cases of Covid-19 may further elevate in upcoming weeks. At present, a large number of cases are being reported from 3 states in the country. Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the states with the highest number of cases.  

Between 26 July and 1 August, 2.86 lakh new cases were registered in the country. This is an increase of 7.5 per cent from its previous week. Last week, this figure was 2.66 lakh. During the second wave, Covid-19 cases have increased weekly for the first time in the country after the week of May 3 to 9. Till last week, cases of Covid-19 were on a decline. This fall had come down to 1.4 per cent.

Majority of cases coming from Kerala 

The maximum number of Covid-19 cases are coming from Kerala. This week, around 1.4 lakh cases were registered in Kerala. This was 26.5 per cent more than last week’s figures. Last week, this figure was 1.1 lakh. Kerala’s share in the daily Covid-19 cases in the country has been around 49 per cent in the last 7 days. On Sunday, 20,728 new cases were reported in Kerala. This was the sixth consecutive day when the new cases of Covid-19 in the state were more than 20 thousand. 

Cases increasing in Karnataka too 

In Karnataka, the cases have increased 17.3 per cent from last week. 12,442 new Covid-19 cases were registered in Karnataka this week. Last week, this figure was 10,610. The situation of rising cases in Kerala has started showing in the neighbouring states as well. 

Situation in Tamil Nadu 

The weekly case count in Tamil Nadu remained the same as last week. 13,090 cases were reported as compared to 13,095 in the previous week. There has been a slight increase in the number of daily cases in the state for 4 consecutive days. 1,756 cases were reported on Wednesday but 1,990 new cases were registered on Sunday. 


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