Bihar: BJP District President Seen Openly Consuming Liquor In Party Office, Video Goes Viral


Madhubani: When it comes to liquor prohibition in Bihar, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar often toots his own horn for these actions. However, smuggling of alcohol, as well as its illegal consumption, is exposed on a regular basis in Bihar, bringing in a lot of flak to the government. This recently made viral video from Madhubani has once again exposed the inefficacies of the prohibition law. ABP News does not confirm the authentication of this viral video.

A Video Shared On Social Goes Viral

A video is going viral on social media for the last three-four days. In the video, a bottle of liquor has been seen kept on a table. Three people seem to be seated around it. They seem to be consuming liquor while listening to English music. The person sitting in the middle of the three drinkers appears to be Siyaram Sahu, the district president of Jhanjharpur unit of BJP. He appears to be in company of two other people, who were consuming liquor with him.

Corrective Action Is Expected To Follow Investigation Of This Viral Video

District president of BJP’s Jhanjharpur unit, Siyaram Sahu has switched off his mobile phone after this video surfaced online. He has also maintained his silence on this incident. In regards to this incident, Jhanjharpur DSP Ashish Anand said that the incident is being widely discussed on social media in the past 3-4 days. An investigation is being carried out on this matter.

The ones involved are being questioned on the date and time of this video. The DSP added that the station in-charge of Jhanjharpur has also inspected the location where the incident allegedly occured. Investigation would be done and the guilty would be penalised, no matter what. 

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