BJP Leader Alleges Kundra Duped People Of Lakhs With Online Game, Used Shilpa’s Image


Mumbai: The troubles of businessman Raj Kundra who has been police custody in the porn film racket case, are not lessening any time soon. Raj Kundra has now been accused of duping common people of lakhs of rupees in online games.

BJP spokesperson Ram Kadam held a press conference in Mumbai today for the people allegedly duped by Raj Kundra’s company. Ram Kadam stated that “Raj Kundra has a company named Viaan Industries in which he is the director. Viaan company has an online game named GOD (Game of Dots)”.

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The people were told that GOD is an online game that is recognised by the government. Viaan Industries is mentioned on the letterhead of the company. Shilpa Shetty’s photo was used for promotion, as the face of the game, he claimed.


BJP spokesperson Ram Kadam alleged that “People were duped in the name of distributors of the game. Some were cheated to the tune of 30 lakhs, some to 10 lakhs. The original copy of the distributor was also not provided. The game was said to have prize money. People were duped from all over the country”.

“It is estimated that the Viaan industry has committed a scam of Rs 2500 to Rs 3000 crore. When people went to Raj Kundra’s office, they were beaten up. A complaint was filed by the company against the victims. It was told that people would be paid monthly after taking a distributorship of this online game but people understood soon that they were being duped,” he added.  

The BJP spokesperson claimed that only employees of Kundra’s company used to win in this online game. “The employees of Viaan were the only ones to win. Did the police not act on Raj Kundra under pressure? The Maharashtra government should intervene and the police should investigate,” Ram Kadam said as he informed that he will meet Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagarale and seek justice in the case.

(With Inputs By Mrityunjay Singh)

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