BJP leader Babul Supriyo quits politics, says ‘Alvida’ in his Facebook post


BJP Leader Babul Supriyo quits active politics. His
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BJP Leader Babul Supriyo quits active politics. His Facebook post says so

BJP leader from West Bengal, Babul Supriyo, has hinted at quitting active politics. Calling himself a team player, the MP from Asansol in his Facebook post said that one doesn’t have to be in politics to do social work. “If you want to do social work, you can do it without being in politics,” he wrote.

Clearing the air that he may join any other party, mainly the Trinamool Congresswhich arch-rival of the BJP in WestBengal, the banker-turned-singer-turned-politician said, “Alvida. Am not going to any other party – TMC, Congress, CPIM, nowhere. I am confirming that nobody has called me. I am going nowhere. I am a one-team player! Have always supported one team #MohunBagan – Have been with only one party – BJP West Bengal. That’s it!!”

Interestingly, hours after posting his retirement plans on Facebook, the BJP leader deleted the part, ‘won’t join any party’

Notably, Supriyo was among the 12 ministers who were dropped from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet on July 7 as part of a rejig. His exclusion was almost certain after he lost to the Trinamool Congress’s Aroop Biswas in the April-May West Bengal assembly elections.

I am going..


Heard everyone’s words – Father, (Mother) wife, daughter, two dear friends.. After hearing everything, I say that I am not going to any other party – #TMC, #Congress, #CPIM, nowhere – Confirming, someone me Didn’t call, I am also not going anywhere  I am a one Team Player! Have always supported one team #MohunBagan – Have done only party BJP West Bengal!! That’s it!!
I am going…
‘Stayed for some time’.. Keeped some mind and broke some.. Somewhere I may have made you happy with my work, somewhere I am disappointed | You will not evaluate 
I’m saying after answering all the questions that arise in ‘ my ‘ mind.. I’m saying it in my own way..
I am going… 
If you want to do social work, you can do it without being in politics – let’s organize myself a little first and then…
In the past few days, I have taken the pledge to leave politics to Hon ‘ble Amit Shah and Hon’ ble Naddaji again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and I am grateful to them that they have inspired me in many ways |
I’ll never forget their love and so I can’t show them the same thing again  especially when I’ve decided what ‘ my me ‘ wants to do a long time ago || so same again Somewhere when I go to repeat the word, they might think I’m ‘ Bargaining ‘ for a ‘ position ‘ | And when it’s not true, they don’t want the ‘ doubt ‘ to be out of their mind – even for a moment |
I pray they don’t misunderstand me, forgive me |
I won’t say anything special anymore – now ‘ you will say I will listen ‘ – during the day, ‘ in the evening ‘ 
But I have to answer a question because it’s pertinent! Question will be arised why did I leave politics? Does he have anything to do with the departure of ministry? Yes there is – some must have! Don’t want to worry so if she answers the question it will be correct-it will give me peace too |
Big difference between 2014 and 2019 |
Then I was the only one in the BJP ticket (With due respect to Ahluwaliaji – GJM was BJP’s ally in the Darjeeling seat) but today BJP is the main opposition party in Bengal. Today many new Bright young Turkish leaders in the party are as old as they are There are witty leaders too. Needless to say the party under their leadership will go a long way from here. No hesitation to say that not having a single person in the party today is a big deal yet it is clear and accepting that the right decision will be mine. Strong, strong faith!
Another thing.. there were some issues with state leadership before the election – it may be but some of them were coming publicly | Somewhere I’m responsible for that (posted a Facebook post that falls into the level of party chaos) again somewhere else Leaders are also very responsible, though I don’t want to go on who is responsible – but the party’s disagreement and disagreement of senior leaders was harming, even in ‘ ground zero ‘, it was not helping the morale of party workers in any way. ‘ Rocket Science ‘ Knowledge is not required | At this moment it is totally unpredictable so I am moving away by giving infinite gratitude and love to the people of Asansol |
I don’t agree that I went somewhere – I was with ‘ myself ‘ – so going back somewhere today I won’t say anything |
Many new ministers haven’t got government houses yet so I’ll leave my house within a month (as soon as possible – maybe before that) |
No, I won’t take it anymore |
In the sky, had a small conversation with Swami Ramdevji on a flight. Didn’t like it at all when I realized that BJP is taking Bengal very seriously, will fight with power but probably not expecting any seat. Felt like, that Bengali Shyamaprasad Mukherjee, Atal Bihari Vajpayee so much How can that Bengali who respects, loves, won’t win BJP in a single seat!!! Especially when whole India decided before voting that their deserving successor, Narendra Modi will be the next PM of India, why would Bengal think differently | The challenge was supposed to be taken as a Bengali at that time, so I heard everyone but did what I felt – without fearing uncertainty, I did what I thought was right, with ‘heart-soul’ |

I did the same in 1992 while leaving the job of Standard Chartered Bank and fleeing to Mumbai, today I did the same!!!
I am going..
Yes, some words are left..
Maybe will ever say..
I am not there today or I am saying..
I am going..

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