China Puts Travel Ban As Cases Of Delta Plus Variant Surge In Southeastern Province


New Delhi: A drastic rise in the new cases of the Covid-19 infection have been reported in China’s south-northeast province of Fujian (Fujian). Health authorities reported this on Tuesday. In order to immediately control the infection, several steps have been taken along with a ban on travel.

The National Health Commission said that 59 new cases of new local transmission have been reported on September 13. While the day before there were 22 cases. These cases were also from Fujian province, which is surrounded by Zhejiang in the north and Guangdong in the south.

According to Reuters, in just four days, 102 community infections have been reported in three Fujian cities, including the tourist spot of Jiangmen which has a population of 5 million. The new transition comes at a time when the week-long National Day holiday is set to begin on October 1. Earlier, from the end of July to August, the Corona pandemic had severely affected tourism, hospitality transport sectors.

Despite Covid-19 being largely under control in China, its effect could be witnessed in a sharp decline in the air passenger numbers. Data released on Tuesday shows that China’s air passenger traffic declined by 51.5% in August a year ago.

The Corona outbreak in Fujian began in the 3.2 million city of Putian, the first of which was registered on September 10. Initial tests on some case samples showed that the patient came in contact with delta variant infection.

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