Dhanbad Judge Murder: Stolen Auto Used To Execute Killing, Shocking Details Revealed


Dhanbad: The death of District Sessions Judge-8 Uttam Anand during his morning walk is suspected to be murder rather than a mere accident. It has been revealed that a stolen auto was used to execute the murder of the judge. The auto has been recovered by the police from Giridih. The auto owner says that his auto was stolen, and a complaint has been lodged in the police station.

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Uttam Anand, who was out for a walk on Wednesday morning, was hit by an auto near the Hirapur power sub-station. In this case, his wife Kriti Sinha has lodged an FIR against an unknown entity in the Dhanbad police station. It is clearly visible in the CCTV footage that Uttam Anand has been deliberately hit. The Jharkhand High Court has sought a report in this matter.

Forensic team took many types of samples from auto

Dhanbad Bar Association penned down in honor of the judge, and did not take part in any judicial proceedings. SSP Sanjeev Kumar formed an SIT under the leadership of City SP R Ram Kumar to investigate the murder. The forensic team has also examined the auto and taken a sample. Fingerprints found in the auto have been checked closely. The number plate of the recovered auto was worn out. The criminals conspired to attack by erasing the number from the auto.

Efforts are on to ascertain if there is any connection between the attack on Dhanbad Judge and the murder of Ranjay Singh.

This incident is being linked to the murder of BJP leader Ranjay Singh and the hearing of that case. Ranjay Singh was close to the Singh Mansion, the Bahubali family of Dhanbad. He was shot dead in January 2017.

Ranjay Singh was close to former Jharia MLA Sanjeev Singh, who was also assassinated in March 2017, two months after the assassination of former deputy mayor of Dhanbad, Neeraj Singh. Judge Uttam Anand was hearing the case of Ranjay’s murder. During the hearing in the past, he had rejected the bail application of accused Aman Singh. Aman Singh is accused of killing Ranjay Singh. The incident took place a few days after Aman Singh’s bail plea was rejected. Hence the needle of suspicion has turned towards Aman Singh and the gang.

(Inputs: Amit Kumar Sinha)

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