EXCLUSIVE |’Next Time Bring Gold’: Ravi Dahiya’s Mother After Her Son Won Silver Medal At Tokyo


Ravi Dahiya Wins Silver: Ravi Dahiya who hails from a small village in Sonepat, Haryana has won a silver medal for India at the Tokyo Olympics. However, he lost to the Russian in the wrestling final on Thursday. But, after Ravi Dahiya won silver, not only is there happiness among the people of the country but the family members are also waiting to welcome him back after this.

I’ll tell my son to bring a gold medal next time

Ravi Dahiya’s mother Urmila Dahiya, speaking exclusively to ABP News, said she would give a grand welcome to her son’s return. She said Churma is my son’s favourite, will feed him once he arrives. She said that his son also likes kheer and halwa especially.

On the question of depression over not bringing gold, Ravi’s mother said that she would tell her son, “Next time you must bring gold.” He also told the housemates that it was not a matter of resentment, his son would bring gold next time.

Ravi Dahiya has been away from home for over a year

Urmila Dahiya said her son has been away from home for nearly a year. She said ravi had left home when he was 10 years old and left home for Delhi for his wrestling preparations and lived there. She further said that his son is quite straightforward and allowed his son to do what he always wanted to. Speaking about Ravi Dahiya’s nature, his mother said that he rarely talked to people.

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