Government Failed To Manage 2nd Wave: Political Analyst, Sanjay Jha To Kailashnath Adhikari


Attacking Narendra Modi led the government for mishandling of Covid -19 and large no. of deaths, astronomically high fuel prices, rising inflation, and unemployment political analyst, Sanjay Jha has said it failed citizens.

The central government mishandled covid. Since March 2020 there have been over 4 lakh deaths,31 million people affected, people dying due to lack of oxygen supply, lack of vaccine, not getting ICU beds, bodies floating in the Ganga etc., etc.

“Every human life matters. People will not forget this psychological nightmare. The state has failed citizens. Political exuberance and administrative incompetence of Mr. Modi and BJP has cost innocent lives” said Jha.

He was in a freewheeling chat with Kailashnath Adhikari, MD, Governance Now during the a webcast of Visionary Talk series held by the public policy and governance analysis platform.

Holding Narendra Modi is morally responsible for the spread of the virus having the Kumbh Mela attended by millions of people who spread it into different parts of the country when the govt of Uttarakhand as well as the central the government actually preponed the event by a year Jha also said that death data across the country has been fabricated and fudged. He said the government failed by opening up society and economy when herd immunity was not achieved. He said the govt could have taken elementary knowledge to take lessons from America, UK and Europe.. that it is likely to come back again. “This govt has put India into a monumental disaster. It is surrendered governance” he said. 

While speaking on the astronomical rise in fuel prices Jha said that when global crude oil prices go up the govt increase fuel price but when global crude prices come down they don’t reduce costs. “It’s Heads I win. Tails you lose. The government is cold, callous, cunning, and calculative” he said.

He also asked hat when through excise duties the govt roughly earns Rs 5 lakh crore per annum, where does it go. “Are you transparent? How fraudulent can you be? This is political immorality at its worst” he said.

Jha who is the former president of All India Professionals Congress and executive director od Dale Carnegie Training operations in India also asked that unless govt puts money in the hands of people how will the economy boom. There is a demand problem. You have to put the money in the pockets of the common man whereas this govt is trying to boost supply by giving people tax breaks and guarantees for loans which is not the way forward. The increasing cost of oil is inflationary. “Today the poorest man in the country and the richest man is paying the same amount per liter of petrol or diesel. This is regressive, grave inequality. “ 

Responding to a question on if he sees an alternative to PM Narendra Modi in the 2024 parliamentary elections, Jha said to believe that out of India’s 140 Cr people there is no leader other than Mr. Modi is to underestimate the intelligence of India’s entire political eco system. The opposition including Congress has now allowed such an individual to assume that role. 

“Congress has at least 4-5 solid, brilliant, formidable people who can both head the party and should the party be in opposition to form the govt in 2024 with other opposition parties. Congress has to wake up and smell the coffee because people at the moment are very much open to change and are saying they want to see the opposition and Congress pose an alternative narrative. We are rather giving BJP a walk in the park” he said. 

Jha said Congress party not only needs a surgical operation but could also do with a transplant because the grand old party seems to have developed some ailments of late some; of course self-inflicted. He said the party needs to completely re- energize itself, needs a massive transfusion of energy, ideas and aspiration. Despite the fact that it is an outstanding party with great talent it is not fighting hard enough. Of late, defeats suffered by Congress have extremely demoralized the party. 

He said the party he said is having a vacuum in leadership. Political happenings in Punjab happenings reflect the fact that there is limbo at the top. He however said that after the terrible mishandling of the pandemic by Mr. Modi there is as a huge opportunity for Congress to reposition itself as the alternative govt. 

The BJP he said has massive control over social media and mainstream television channels. “When you have a social media army spreading fake news on Twitter and Facebook and now on WhatsApp and if you are not able attack BJP on all fronts including its very popular and brilliant communicator. 

Giving his views on the famed Mumbai Model of handling of Covid, Jha said it did well. However, he added that Mumbai due to its population density and limited area will remain susceptible. Until people are vaccinated at a rapid pace a single super spreader event will bring trouble. 

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