‘Have fish curry’, Naqvi quips responding to TMC’s Derek O’Brien for ‘papri chaat’ remark


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‘Have fish curry’, Naqvi quips responding to TMC’s Derek O’Brien for ‘papri chaat’ remark

Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has slammed TMC MP Derek O’Brien for his swipe at the government for passing bills in Parliament without discussion. Naqvi, also the Deputy Leader of the Rajya Sabha, accused and then accused O’Brien of conspiring to malign Parliament’s dignity and quipped that he can have fish curry, if he’s allergic to ‘papri  chaat’.

“If he is allergic to ‘chaat-papri’, he can have fish curry. But don’t turn Parliament into a fish market. Unfortunately, the manner in which work is being done with conspiracy to malign Parliament’s dignity, has never been seen before,” Naqvi said.

Earlier on Monday, O’Brien had questioned the government for rushing bills through Parliament and asked if it was ‘making papri chaat’. “In the first 10 days, Modi-Shah rushed through and passed 12 bills at an average time of UNDER SEVEN MINUTES per Bill. Passing legislation or making papri chaat?” he had tweeted.

Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have failed to transact any significant business, except passage of some bills, amid continued protests by Opposition parties over the Pegasus since the Monsoon session of Parliament commenced on July 19. The Opposition has been demanding a discussion in Parliament on the Pegasus row and its leaders have been giving adjournment notices every day. The government has been saying that the opposition is creating a “non-issue” and the IT Minister has already given a reply in both Houses of Parliament.

Earlier on Tuesday, Prime Minister Modi slammed the opposition for not allowing Parliament to function and also referred to as ‘insulting’ the derogatory comments by Derek regarding the passage of bills.

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