India Needs 92 Lakh Doses Everyday To Achieve Total Covid Vaccination By December


New Delhi: Around 40,000 cases of corona are registered daily in the country. In some states of the country, the infection rate is increasing rapidly. Dr Randeep Guleria, director of AIIMS Hospital said that we have to take the necessary steps. The biggest weapon in this ongoing war against Corona is the vaccine. 

The government has set a target to vaccinate all adults by the end of this year. Meanwhile, important data related to vaccines has come to the fore. If India is to meet the target of full immunization of all people aged 18 and above, then India will have to give an average of 92 lakh doses a day.

Apart from this, according to the population, the 4 big states of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar and West Bengal will have to vaccinate almost twice the weekly average till now. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar will have to speed up vaccination two and a half times faster than their weekly average.

India’s adult population is estimated to be close to 94 crores by 2021, which means 188 crore doses are needed for all to be fully vaccinated. Till the end of July, 47 crore doses of the corona vaccine have been given in the country, now in the remaining year, 141 crore doses are to be given in 153 days. Accordingly, to achieve the target, about 92 lakh doses need to be given every day.

To meet the target by the end of this year, only the capital Delhi and some states will need an average of less than their record vaccinations. Some of these are small states like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. When it comes to big states, only Kerala and Madhya Pradesh can keep average below their record vaccinations.

So far, Uttar Pradesh, the country’s largest state, has administered 6.7 lakh doses, which is the highest number of vaccines given in a week. Uttar Pradesh will have to increase this average to 16.1 lakh vaccines daily to achieve the target. The weekly calculations also include Sundays. In Bihar, the maximum number of 3.3 lakh vaccines have been given in a week. But if the target is to be achieved, then Bihar will have to increase it to 8 lakhs per week.

The biggest reason behind the slow speed of vaccination is the lack of vaccines. The government expects about 15 crore doses in August and 19-20 crore doses in September. If this claim is believed to be true, then India will be administering 35 crores more vaccines by the end of September. After September, 106 crore doses will have to be administered in the next 92 days. 


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