Indian Idol 12 ‘Dosti Special’ Episode: Top 6 contestants celebrate their bond on Friendship Day


Pawandeep Rajan, Arunita Kanjilal

Pawandeep Rajan, Arunita Kanjilal

Friendship day is a day that is dedicated only to your friends who love you for exactly who you are. They are your partners in crime, your constant go-to person and with time, friends become your chosen family. This Friendship’s Day, Indian Idol 12 will be celebrating the ‘Dosti Special’ episode with Kumar Sanu and Kavita Krishnamurthy. While the guest judges will be adding their own charm to the show, here’s what the Top 6 contestants of the show have to say about their strong bond with each other and what is they take on the special day.

Pawandeep Rajan: “Indian Idol 12 has given me a lot of fame, recognition and love. But more importantly, it has given me some great friends. Friends that I can rely on at any time of the day. They’ have supported me when I fell back and helped me bounce as well by providing constant support. We all practice together, eat together, chill together. I have a handful of friends because of the way I am but these guys have now become my family.”

Arunita Kanjilal: “It is a beautiful take on how you can find friends most surprisingly and that is exactly what happened with me. When I started my journey with Idol, I felt that it is such a competitive space. But with every passing day and episode, I only realized how friendly at sweet everyone is. Since the start, we all got along really well and the bond only got better. I have created so many memories that I can’t even count. These guys mean a lot to me.”

Shanmukha Priya: “I’m really glad that with Indian Idol 12, I received more than just fame and recognition. I got something that I can call mine, that too, proudly. These bunch of crazy, talented people who I call my friends. Even though competitors are on-stage, we are all besties off-stage. Today, I also miss my friends in my home-tow but we catch up frequently over video calls. But, I’d like to thank Indian Idol 12 for giving me such gems which I call my friends.”

Sayli Kamble: “I have always heard that real friends accept the true you. They accept you with your craziness, madness, insecurities, almost everything. And at Indian Idol 12, that’s what I got to see here. Being with them for such a long time, they accepted me in my truest form. They are my chosen family and today on Friendship Day I only wish that everyone gets someone like this.”

Mohd Danish: “Friendship is the greatest bond that unites two individuals. Friends are those who stand by you through your ups and downs in life. I am grateful that I have got such people through this journey of Indian Idol 12. Sayli and I share a tom and jerry relationship and she is just like my buddy. I feel when the base is strong the bond not only becomes stronger, it is unbreakable.”

Nihal Tauro: “I don’t befriend people very easily. I’m a person who takes time to open up. But when I met my fellow contestants at Indian Idol 12, I realized how we’re so similar in certain ways. And, since then, there has been no looking back. We just get to know one another better as the day passes. Everyone knows by now that I tend to forget things quickly and that’s when they help me with. Right from song lyrics to people’s names, they have my back.”

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