Intelligence Bureau Issues High Alert To Delhi Police Over Drone Terror Attack Ahead Of Aug 15


New Delhi: Ahead of India’s Independence Day celebration Delhi Police have received a high alert from security agencies regarding 15th August.  Delhi police have warned of terrorist activities ahead of 15 August and security agencies have raised an alert for a drone attack.

Intelligence agencies have informed the Delhi Police that terrorists are planning a massive operation ahead of August 15. Terrorists are conspiring to launch ‘Operation Jehad’ in the national capital.

Intelligence Bureau also revealed that terrorists are planning for the attack before Independence day, especially on August 5th, the day the Modi government abrogated Article 370 two years ago. Agencies alerted that terrorists are planning a major drone attack to launch this operation.

Delhi Police is on high alert after the information and have been trained along with security officers of other states to tackle the drone attack and prevent any harm to the country. Police have been trained in two levels:

1. Soft Kill: Take action when a normal drone activity is seen

2. Hard Kill: Police have been taught to take immediate action if any flying object or any suspicious drone activity is detected.

Recently, Delhi Police Commissioner Balaji Srivastava had already issued an alert after the drone attack in Jammu.

Recently, Lucknow Police arrested two Al-Qaeda terrorists with a huge amount of explosives and revealed that the militants were planning a terror attack ahead of Independence Day In Uttar Pradesh.


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