Karan Kundrra reacts to being mistaken for Raj Kundra, says ‘people are writing nasty things to me’


Karan Kundrra reacts to being mistaken for Raj Kundra

Karan Kundrra reacts to being mistaken for Raj Kundra

Businessman Raj Kundra is in judicial custody for 14 more days after his bail plea was rejected by Mumbai Court. He was arrested on July 19  in a case of alleged production and distribution of pornographic films through apps. While he is undergoing investigation, TV actor Karan Kundrra has been facing social media flak after being mistaken for Raj Kundra. The Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai actor revealed that people are writing nasty comments on his posts. At first, he took it as a joke, but now things are getting serious.

Raj Kundra told ETimes, “My friends in the US brought this error to my notice. I also found people writing nasty things to me on my social media pages. Initially, I took it as a joke, as this confusion has been a part of my existence for a long time. People write ‘Karan Kundra’ for Raj Kundra and even use my name to refer to him as Shilpa Shetty’s husband. But it went out of hand when they started using my name and picture in reports related to the pornography racket.”

He added, “In fact, I woke up to a tweet stating that ‘Karan Kundra’ was arrested last night for creating pornographic content. I immediately called up my parents, relatives, and friends to inform them about coming across such reports or messages, which had nothing to do with me. I even posted a story on my Instagram account in order to bring the error to everyone’s notice. Till now the confusion was only limited to social media with people commenting on my posts writing, ‘Porn kyun banaata hai?’ I didn’t mind it in the beginning, but it became serious when people started commenting on it. There are people who don’t know that we are different individuals and believe these stories.”

Recalling an incident where the cops mistook him as Raj Kundra, he revealed, “I went for a trek recently. The cops from the city got to know that a celebrity had come and they wanted to meet me. The tour guide told them about me and said the guy is Karan Kundrra. They immediately mistook me for the other Kundra and said, ‘ Achha achha jinka abhi porn ka case ho gaya’. I told them that wasn’t me.”

Meanwhile, Mumbai police have been interrogating Raj and actress Shilpa Shetty in the case. According to Mumbai Police Sources, Shilpa Shetty in her statement said that ‘she has nothing to do with HotShots. She mentioned that erotica is different from porn and her husband Raj Kundra wasn’t involved in producing porn content.’ Shilpa Shetty also mentioned that it was their “brother-in-law Pradeep Bakshi who was involved with the app and its functioning.”

The Mumbai Police have thus far arrested 10 people along with Kundra for their alleged involvement in the production of porn films and circulating them through mobile apps. The case was registered with the Crime Branch of the Mumbai Police in February this year.

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