Kedarnath And Badrinath Highways Closed As Incessant Rainfall Causes Landslides


It has been raining continuously on the mountains of Uttarakhand for the last several hours. It continues to downpour in the state causing lot of inconvenience to the locals. Apart from Rudraprayag, it is also raining heavily towards Kedarnath. Badrinath and Kedarnath highways have been closed due to heavy rainfall. Also, the link motorways connecting rural areas are closed. People are facing huge problems due to continuous heavy downpour.  

Water level rises in Alaknanda river

The idol of Lord Shiva is submerged due to the rising water level of the Alaknanda river under the Belani bridge located at the district headquarters in Rudraprayag. The water level of the Alaknanda-Mandakini rivers has risen considerably, threatening the nearby surroundings.

The Meteorological Department had given a warning for the non-stop rainfall. Kedarnath, a popular tourist attraction, is also experiencing heavy rainfall. The entire region of Kedarnath is surrounded by fog. All the ongoing reconstruction work in the Kedarnath has been stopped. Heavy rain in the low-lying areas has disrupted normal life.  

Rishikesh-Badrinath Highway and Srinagar-Rudraprayag Highway remain closed due to debris and boulders at various places. Heavy debris has fallen on the highway in Sirobgad and Narkota, the work of removing it is underway. Boulders and debris have also come from the hill between Rampur-Sitapur of Kedarnath Highway. This highway is also closed. 

Apart from this, the route is closed due to debris coming in Chirbatia of the Mayali-Ghansali motorway. The administration has asked people to take extra precautions who live near the banks of the river.


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