‘Mamta Banerjee Fought For Bengal Now She Wants To Fight For India,’ Says Javed Akhtar After Me


New Delhi: Lyricist-writer Javed Akhtar and actress Shabana Azmi met West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday. Speaking about the need for change, he said that Bengal has always led revolutionary movements. He met Banerjee and thanked him for supporting the bill assuring royalty to the artists.

Javed Akhtar said that Bengal has historically always been a step ahead in revolutionary movements, and that is why artists and intellectuals in the state stood by Banerjee.

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When asked if a change is needed Akhtar said, “I can’t speak for everyone, but personally, I think there should be change. There are many tensions in the country right now. There is an issue of polarization, many people make offensive statements. Incidents of violence happen. It is a matter of shame that communal riots took place in Delhi. These things should not happen.”

“First fought for Bengal, now wants to fight for India”

When asked if Banerjee should lead the opposition against the BJP, Akhtar said during the discussions, she never mentioned that she desires to lead the opposition.

Akhtar added, “However, she believes in change. She earlier fought for Bengal, now she wants to fight for India. The important question is not who will lead and who will not. The important question is what kind of India do you want, and what kind of tradition, atmosphere, freedom, and democracy do you want? We are proud that we have democracy, but we should try to make it better. Democracy is a continuous process. It’s not static, it’s dynamic.”

When the veteran lyricist was asked about the popular slogan Khela Hobe (Khel Hoga), he said that the slogan does not need any support now. He said, “Now it has gone beyond discussion”. Standing silently while Akhtar spoke, Banerjee quipped, “Khela hobe se aapko ek ganna banana hai (You have to make song from Khela Hobe).

Banerjee had come to Delhi on Monday on a five-day visit. This is her first visit to Delhi after the victory in the assembly elections.

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