New Danger Amid Pandemic? 4 Patients Test Positive For Scrub Typhus In Shimla


Scrub Typhus: New cases of bacterial infection named “Scrub Typhus” are being reported in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic. According to reports, four cases of Scrub Typhus have been found in Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital Shimla on Tuesday. The medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr Janak Raj said that this infection spreads through the bites of infected chiggers.

Most patients of scrub typhus are found in mountainous areas. It is a bacterial infection, which leads to the death of people. Some of its symptoms are similar to Chikungunya.

According to health experts, permethrin and benzyl benzoate should be sprayed on clothes and bedding to avoid this. Along with this, if someone is found to have symptoms of scrub typhus, the person should be admitted to hospital immediately so that the treatment could be started at the earliest.  

This disease occurs mainly in villages and animal contact is said to be the main reason for this bacterial infection. Scrub typhus spreads more in village areas that have a high amount of livestock and wild bushes.

In scrub typhus, the patient experiences fever with difficulty in breathing, jaundice, vomiting, nausea, joint pain or shivering. But in cases of severe infection, lumps are seen to develop on the neck, under the arms and above the hips. Apart from this, the area or body part where the insect has bitten turns red.

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