‘Only Fully Vaccinated People Should Travel’, Know What Government’s Advisory Says  


In the fourth Sero survey of the Government of India, it has been revealed that about 67.6 percent of the people in the country have developed antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. This antibody has either come from taking the vaccine or has come after infection. Antibodies mean the development of immunity against the corona. This Sero survey means that only half of the people in the country have developed immunity against corona. A little less than half the people are still at risk of exposure to corona infection.

In view of this and in view of the possible third wave of Corona, the Government of India has warned that no one should travel anywhere without taking the vaccine completely. The government has issued seven point advisory for this-

Government’s seven-point advisory

No place for complacency
The government has said that the fourth Sero survey in the country raises some hope, but it should not remain in misunderstanding. 32 percent of the people of the country can still be victims of corona. 

The situation of District level is different
The government has said that the fourth national Sero survey is not related to any particular district. This is the overall data. This does not mean that 66 percent of the people in a particular district have developed herd immunity. It may be that even less people have developed herd immunity.  

State-level action needed
There is a need to conduct a separate Sero survey for how much herd immunity has developed among people against Covid at the local level. In this way, action will need to be taken at the state level to develop herd immunity against Corona. 

Next wave of corona is possible

The Health Ministry has said that on the basis of Sero survey, it can be said that the upcoming wave of corona is possible because herd immunity has developed in many people against corona in some state, whereas in some states it is developed very little. In the Sero survey, a state where herd immunity is low, naturally there is a high risk of corona infection.

Ban on non-essential travel
From the first week of July, not only tourism in the hill states but also in the local markets, crowds of people have started gathering. After the warning of the central government, some states have again limited the exemption but it is insufficient. The Union Health Ministry has said that non-essential travel should be discouraged. 

Control on crowd
Crowded places should be curbed. People were given the freedom to go to religious places, political functions, auditoriums etc., due to which crowds have started gathering. This kind of crowd needs to be curbed. Recently, Uttarakhand, UP, and Delhi have banned Kanwar Yatra. 

Travel only after complete vaccination
The Health Ministry has insisted on allowing only fully vaccinated people to travel. Fully vaccinated or fully vaccinated means taking both doses of the vaccine as per the standard set by the government.


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