Planning To Travel In Special Train, Know Charges For Ticket Cancellation


The process of lockdown continues even after the threat of Covid-19 subsides across the country. The country is currently going through the third phase of lockdown. In such a situation, Indian Railways is running many special trains for the travel convenience of the passengers. If you are planning to travel by special train, then these facts may help you plan your journey. We will disclose how much charge you may have to pay for the cancellation of special train tickets?

50 per cent money will be deducted

Indian Railways have informed that the ticket of the special train can be cancelled at least 24 hours before the departure of the train. On cancellation of the ticket, 50 per cent amount will be deducted off from the passenger’s ticket by the railways. Before the Covid-19 period, railway passengers were given a refund by cancelling the ticket even four hours before the train departs.   

Booking can be done 7 days in advance

For the passengers of the special train, the railway has given the facility of booking the journey 7 days in advance. The passengers can book and pay for the ticket of the special train 7 days in advance. In addition, on normal days, passengers could book train tickets up to 4 months in advance, but this facility has not been given for special train.


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