Priyanka Gandhi Targets UP CM, Writes ‘Public Can Confiscate Property On Which Yogi Sits’


Priyanka Gandhi on Yogi Adityanath: Political turmoil has erupted over CM Yogi Adityanath’s statement on confiscation of property. Congress General Secretary and UP in-charge Priyanka Gandhi has attacked Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Priyanka said on Thursday that misuse of power to intimidate and threaten those who raise their voice for legitimate demands is a heinous crime.

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Priyanka Gandhi has targeted CM Yogi in her tweet. Priyanka Gandhi said, “It is a constitutional right in this country to raise our voice, to demonstrate and to agitate for our demands. Misuse of power to intimidate those who raise their voice for legitimate demands is a heinous crime.”

In her next tweet, Priyanka said that the “property” on which Yogi Ji sits does not belong to him but the people of the country. Remember that one day “property” can be seized by the public.

CM Yogi had tweeted on Wednesday. In this tweet, he wrote, “I appeal to the youth of the state that they should not be misled by anyone. No one can do wrong today. Whoever wants to get his property confiscated, should have done something wrong.”

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