PUBG Mobile India launch: Here’s why it is getting delayed

PUBG Mobile India is one of the most awaited mobile games ever. PUBG Mobile was banned in India back in September and now it is making a comeback in the form of a whole new app called PUBG Mobile India. The company recently announced the comeback and PUBG Corporation has already set up a new office in India under the name ‘PUBG India Pvt Ltd’.

While the fans are super-excited about the comeback of the game, this is not where things end. PUBG Mobile India still has a long road to go and it could take a few weeks before the game launches in the country. Here are some steps that PUBG Corporation needs to fulfil in order to officially relaunch the game in India:



A nod from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

PUBG Mobile India has still not received a green signal from MeitY. The ministry which had banned PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite first needs to approve the relaunch of the game in its new avatar. Without permission, PUBG Corporation will not be able to launch the new game in India.

According to a report by InsideSPORT, a ministry source says, “Any banned entity can’t operate just by floating new company. This even Tik Tok or anyone else can do. They will have to get permissions from MEITY to operate once again in India.”

PUBG India needs to match all basic government compliances

In order to fully function in India, PUBG India Pvt Ltd will need to get a GST number registered. GSTIN or Goods and Services Tax Identification Number is required by every business holder in order to function in India. Apart from that, the company will also need to comply with the Foreign Direct Investment guidelines of the Indian government for the gaming and entertainment industry.

User privacy is a must

PUBG Mobile was kicked out of India due to certain security concerns. Now, PUBG Mobile India reportedly has made Microsoft AZURE as its partner to host the data. With this, the game developer will be able to ensure that the servers and user information are secure.

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