Ranbir Kapoor is generation defining actor, given best to ‘Shamshera’: Karan Malhotra


Ranbir Kapoor is generation defining actor, given best to 'Shamshera': Karan Malhotra

Ranbir Kapoor is generation defining actor, given best to ‘Shamshera’: Karan Malhotra

Filmmaker Karan Malhotra, who has directed the upcoming film “Shamshera”, has shared that the movie will be a visual spectacle for audiences. He also opened up about what the lead cast, Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Vaani Kapoor have to offer.

On his birthday on Saturday, Malhotra is busy with the mix of “Shamshera”, which he tags as a visual extravaganza with complex human emotions.

“I will be celebrating my birthday by finalising the mix of ‘Shamshera’, a vision I have cherished for some time now. I can’t wait to share ‘Shamshera’ with you all. As a filmmaker, I have been fortunate enough to be able to tell stories that I would like to see as an audience and ‘Shamshera’ is definitely that kind of a story,” Malhotra said.

“It is a visual extravaganza with complex human emotions and it deserves to be on the big screen where people have, for years, had a truly wholesome cinematic experience of watching Hindi feature films.”

Malhotra feels lucky to have found the right team for this action entertainer and he hails Ranbir as a “generation-defining actor”.

He says: “I’m fortunate to have found a steadfast producer in Aditya Chopra and an all determined cast and crew for ‘Shamshera’ who have always been by my side right from the word go. Ranbir Kapoor is a generation-defining actor and has given his best to ‘Shamshera’.”

The director promises that Sanjay will be surprising the audience with his avatar in the film.

“Vaani Kapoor plays his strength and compliments him beautifully in the film. As far as Sanjay Dutt is concerned, you are in for a surprise,” he said.

Malhotra believes that ‘Shamshera’ celebrates everything that a pan-Indian Hindi film stands for.

He said: “I have grown up on quintessential Hindi cinema and I wanted to create a true blue Hindi film that everyone can enjoy in theatres. I feel confident that we have achieved an entertainer that will appeal to everyone.”

“We are all waiting eagerly for the Covid-19 situation to become better in our country and then plan the release of ‘Shamshera’ in the grandest way possible,” he added.

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