‘Rape Of Democracy’: TMC Hoardings Torn Down Ahead Of Abhishek Banerjee’s Tripura Visit


A number of Trinamool hoardings and banners have been allegedly torn down in BJP-ruled Tripura ahead of the AITC All India General Secretary, Abhishek Banerjee’s visit to the north-eastern state on Aug 2. TMC member Pritam seal condemned the act as he called it ‘rape of democracy.’

He tweeted, “Rape of Democracy” in BJP ruled #Tripura Hoardings of @abhishekaitc ‘s visit Torn Off by #GoonsOfBJP, @BJP4India ruled states have become the Rape capitals of India, the democracy is also not being left out. #TripuraDeservesBetter Shame on @BjpBiplab & @BJP4Tripura”

Trinamool Congress All India General Secy Abhishek Banerjee is to visit Tripura on August 2 to protest the house custody of the 23-member I-PAC delegation that was there to assess the potential expansion of the party’s base in the north-eastern state.

He will visit the Tripureswari temple at noon and hold a press conference at 3.30 p.m. in Hotel Polo Towers, Agartala.

The 23-member I-PAC team led by Prashant Kishore was put under house arrest for more than 48 hours until July 27.

Given the Bangla-speaking population in Tripura, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has set her sights on the north-eastern state. The I-PAC row has pitted TMC against the ruling BJP government in the state for the due 2023 assembly elections.

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