Switzerland, Tajikistan And Mongolia; The Newest Member Nations In ICC


New Delhi: The ICC, in a statement announced three new members in the cricketing fold. The International Cricket Council (ICC) admitted Switzerland, Tajikistan and Mongolia to be the new cricket playing nations. 

The statement on ICC’s website read: “It’s an exciting time for three of cricket’s national governing bodies, after they were admitted as Members of the ICC today.

Accepted and ratified during the ICC’s Annual General Meeting, Switzerland, Tajikistan and Mongolia become the game’s newest Associates, as the game grows to 106 members across the world.

For the added members, entry into pathway tournaments for global events beckons, with funding for cricket development and other benefits boosting the development of the game in their respective lands.”

ICC now has 94 associate members while 12 full members. 

Mongolian Cricket Association was founded by Battluga Gombo. On getting the associate member status, Gombo said, “We see this as the best way to sow the seed of cricket so that the sport becomes part of Mongolian life.”

Cricket in Switzerland has been an old affair. The first club was set in 1872 but it took a long time for ICC to give Swiss the associate member status. Moving ahead, Switzerland would look to strengthen their position in the European division cricket. They will also be granted a T20 status too. 

While in Tajikistan, cricket was given a national sport status only in 2019. With neighbouring Afghanistan taking big strides in cricket, it has encouraged Tajikistan to perform well too. Tajikistan also has plans with UN Refugee Agency, accommodating for people resettling in the country.


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