Tokyo Olympics 2020: All About Italy’s Lemont Marcell Jacobs, The Man Who Broke Bolt’s Record


Tokyo Olympics 2020: The world has got the new fastest man in the 32nd edition of the ongoing Olympics in Tokyo. After Usain Bolt, the fastest runner to run at lightning speed, the world got his new successoron Sunday. Italy’s Lemont Marcell Jacobs won the gold medal in the 100 m sprint race on Sunday. He completed this race of 100 meters in just 9.80 seconds and surpassed Bolt’s time of 9.81 seconds. However, Jacobs could not break the record set by Bolt in the 100 meters race of London Olympics. 9.63 seconds.

With this victory, Jacobs has become the first Italian player to win the 100 meters race. At the same time, Fred Carell of America won the silver medal and Canadian sprinter Andre de Grasse won the bronze medal in this event. Jacobs became the world’s new Fastest Man participated in the European indoor event before the Olympics, Where he surprised everyone by completing the 60 meter race in 6.47 seconds.

13 years, the world has got a Fastest Man in the form of Italian sprinter Jacobs In fact, from 2008 to 2016 , Jamaica’s Usain Bolt dominated the sprint race. But after the Rio Olympics 2016 victory, Bolt announced his retirement, After which the new emperor was seen in the form of Jacobs on the race track on Sunday.

Jacobs also broke Bolt’s Rio Olympics record in this event. He also surpassed Bolt’s time of 9.81 Destroyed the record of seconds. Actually , Jacobs finished the 100 meter race in 9.80 seconds. 100 meter race in 9.80 seconds. In this match, he took 0.1 second less than Bolt and reached the finish line. However, Jacobs could not break the record set by Bolt in the 100 meters race at the London Olympics. 9.63 in seconds 100 meter race in 9.63 seconds

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