Tokyo Olympics 2020 Live Updates: India men’s archers disappoint in ranking round


File photo of Atanu Das.
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File photo of Atanu Das.

Tokyo Olympics Live Update: 

11:37 AM: The men’s team is also placed ninth in the ranking with a sum of 1961 (adding the total of Pravin’s, Atanu’s and Tarundeep’s scores.) See below for their aggregate.

11:31 AM: Combining Deepika’s 663 with Pravin’s 653, an aggregate of 1319 places India ninth in the mixed team rankings.

11:27 AM: And that’s it! Indian archers disappointingly finished in the bottom half with Pravin (656 points) grabbing the 31st spot followed by Atanu (653 points) at 35th and Tarundeep (652 ) two spots below him at 37. Stay tuned for breakdowns and results from the event.

11:22 AM: Meanwhile Brady eclipses Jinhyek from 3rd spot with both tied on 623; Brady leads by the virtue of more 10s (36) to his name to Jinhyek’s 35. Je Deok in firm control at the top with 628 points and a round to go.

11:20 AM: Tarundeep remains 38th with 597 points as he picks 55 points in the penultimate round.

11:17 AM: A disappointing 53 from Pravin (602) and worse 52 from Atanu (600) see them drop to 28th and 31st spots respectively.

11:14 AM: With two rounds left, strong finishing could see both Atanu and Pravin inside the top 20. Fingers crossed!

11:11 AM: Meanwhile USA star Brady is two points behind second-placed Woojin (567) and a point behind third-place Jinhyek Oh.

11:10 AM: Tarundeep Rai falls a spot below at 38 as his aggregate reads 542 after picking a disappointing 54.

11:08 AM: Pravin and Atanu surge forward to 26th and 28th spot respectively at the end of the 10th round. The duo picks 56 points each.

11:05 AM: Tarundeep Rai is catching from the back as well as the 37-year-old archer sum now stands at 488 as he picks 56 points.

11:02 AM: See-saw battle continues as Pravin pegs Atanu by a point again to take 27th spot while Atanu drops to 30th (492) after nine rounds.

11:00 AM: Korean dominance continues at the top as Je Deok (515 points) followed by Jinhyek Oh (511 pts) and Woojin Kim (510) are dominating the top 3 after nine rounds. The Korean dominance is under threat though as world record holder Brady is fast catching-up at 508.

10:57 AM: Pravin falls to 30th with an aggregate of 438; Tarundeep rises to 41st after picking 55 points like Pravin in the round. 

10:57 AM: Atanu takes lead of the Indian pack again as he remains on 27th with a sum of 440 points. The archer picks 56 points in the seventh round.

10:53 AM: To inform our readers, the aggregate of top Indian archers in the men’s ranking event will be added to Deepika’s 663 points from the women’s event for the mixed team seeding. Likewise, the aggregate of all three Indian men’s archers will be added for the ranking of men’s team seeding.

10:49 AM: Tarundeep Rai remains at 54 to remain at 45th; his aggregate is 377.

10:45 AM: Atanu shoots an identical score as well and remains right behind Pravin with a tied score. Pravin so far has 15 10s and four Xs to his name while Atanu has 14 10s.

10:45 AM: Pravin shoots 55 after the break to climb to the 27th spot as his sum increases to 384.  

10:25 AM: Je Deok enjoys the top spot with 345 points and a five points lead over Korean compatriot Woojin Kim. USA’s world record holder Ellison Brady is seventh ahead of Bangladesh’s Md Ruman Shana with both tied at score of 337.

10:20 AM: Pravin drops to 30th (329 points) at the end of the first half but is leading the India pack ahead of Atanu (31st with 329 pts) and Tarundeep (45th with 323). While the former two shot 54 in the 6th round, Tarundeep is on a rollercoaster ride as he shot 52 after a strong 57.

10:15 AM: Atanu, meanwhile, remains at 29 as he picks a decent 55 out of 60 — including two 10’s — to bring his total to 275 as he dropped behind in the X’s battle to Pravin, who has now taken four perfect shots.

10:13 AM: Pravin Jadhav now leads the Indian pack as he moves to 25 with a 56 points conversion; taking his total to 275. He is now 12 points off the leader Je Deok Kim at 287 after the fifth round.

10:07 AM: Tarundeep Rai struggles at the back at 47th spot with just 52 in the round. No X’s from him in back-to-back two rounds.

10:05 AM: Pravin moves to 30 right behind Atanu with a total of 219. The young archer shoots a strong 56 in the fourth round.

10:02 AM: Atanu is blowing hot and cold as he drops to 29th with an unsatisfactory 52 in the fourth round; taking his total to 220.

9:59 AM: Muto maintains lead at the top at 171 with a point cushion over Korea’s Je Deok Kim.

9:58 AM: Pravin Jadav meanwhile climbs to 35 with 54 points in the third round that contained two Xs. 

9:56 AM: Veteran Tarundeep had a bad third round with just 52 points out of 60 and falls to 41st spot.

9:55 AM: Atanu climbs to 11th after 18 arrows. He picks to 56 points to take his total to 168.

9:53 AM: Japan’s Muto Hiroki is in the lead at the moment at 115 — three points ahead of Atanu.

9:51 AM: Tarundeep has shot 2 Xs so far while Olympic debutant Pravin is yet to hit one. Atanu has managed just one X so far.

9:47 AM: Atanu drops to 14th after eking out just 54 in the second round as his total stands at 111. Tarundeep Rai is lying 34th with 109 points (55 and 54 points respectively in first round while Pravin Jadhav is at the same points but at 38th spot by the virtue of less Xs. 

9:42 AM: With as many as four archers going past the Olympic record in the women’s ranking round, we will like to inform our readers that Olympic record stands at 700 (out of 720) and the world record is 702. Both world record holder Ellison Brady (USA) and OR holder Woojin Kim (Korea) are competing today.

9:38 AM: Brilliant start for Atanu! He is tied second with an outstanding 58 out of 60 scores. He is currently ranked fourth in a five-way battle for the second spot of the rankings with 1 X and three Xs to his name. Turkey’s Mete Gazoz is currently at the top with a remarkable 59 while Japan’s Hiroki Muto is second with the same points.

9:35 AM: A quick recap of the rules as archers go through the first round. In total 12 rounds will take place during the event with each round allowing archers to shoot six arrows. The maximum point available from each shot is 10 with archers hitting X at the centre decides the winner if the scores are tied. So if you do the maths, the maximum points available is 720. 

9:15 AM: Welcome back folks! After Deepika Kumari slugged it hard for a ninth spot in the women’s individual recurve archery ranking round for a ninth-place, as many as three Indian archers are set to compete in the men’s individual segment; set to begin at 9:30 pm. Meanwhile, take a look below at how Deepika fared during the early morning event.

07:49 AM: That’s all, for now, folks, please tune in at 9:30 AM for men’s individual recurve archery ranking round where Atanu Das will aim for a strong spot ahead of the elimination round.

Women’s Ranking Round Highlights:

07:47 AM: Top 15 of Women’s Individual Recurve Archery Ranking Round where Deepika Kumari finishes 9th.

India Tv - Deepika kumari result


Complete result of women’s archery ranking round.

07:46 AM: Breakdown of Deepika Kumari performance after 12 rounds

India Tv - Deepika kumari result


Breakdown of Deepika Kumari’s complete performance of 72 arrows

07:26 AM: And Deepika finishes ninth at the end of the final round at 663. Four archers also set the tone of stiff competition as they surpass Olympic records of 673 with South Korea’s An San setting the new record at 680. Stay tuned for the complete result.

07:20 AM: It’s worth pointing out that if Deepika, who has shot 12 Xs so far, finishes tied on points with Roman, who shot 9 Xs, then Deepika will grab the sixth spot for the elimination rounds.

07:17 AM: Deepika shoots a disappointing 53 in the penultimate round and slips to 7th. Mexico’s Aida Roman overtakes her with a point lead.

07:10 AM: Deepika is making a familiar late surge with two X’s and two 10’s to earn 58 out of possible 60 to reach a total of 556. She is now three points away from fourth-placed Alejandra Valencia of Mexico while An San remains at top with 568.

07:04 AM: Deepika shoots further 56 to climb to seventh at 498 while An San at the top shoots the same as Olympic record of 673 seems a possibility.

07:00 AM: Breakdown of Deepika performance after eight round (48 arrows)

 India Tv - Deepika kumari result


Deepika Kumari performance after shooting 48 arrows.

06:52 AM: Deepika has certainly lost momentum as her next six arrows produced just 53. With just 24 arrows left, she is 15 points away from the top to An San (457 points) at 442. Deepika shot just a 10 and four 9’s in the eighth round; 4 more rounds to go.

06:45 AM: Deepika picks 55 out of 60 right after the break to reach a total of 389. She shoots two 10’s and as many 9’s and an X, which came at the beginning of the round. Meanwhile, An San crosses 400-mark as she shoots 56 to increase her lead at the top at 401.

06:32 AM: A look at top 15 at the end of the first half with Deepika ranked 4 at the moment.

India Tv - Deepika kumari result


Archery Ranking Round scores at the end of first half.

06:30 AM: A breakdown of Deepika’s performance at the end of the first half

India Tv - deepika kumari result


Deepika Kumari performance in the first half


06:27 AM: Deepika is getting better by the minute as the World No.1 climbs to the fourth spot at the end of the first half. 

06:18 AM: Deepika makes amend in her next six arrows and earns 59 points; placing her back among the top 10 with a total of 277. The gap between her and San An reduced to 10 with the Korean at 287.

06:14 AM: The World No. 1 finds more trouble with two X’s in the fourth round; she slips to 14 with 51 points and a cumulative score of 218. San An surges ahead at 230 and has shot so far 15 10’s. Interestingly the Korean has 8 X’s against her name; three more than Deepika.

06:06 AM: A breakdown of Deepika Kumari performance after shooting 18 arrows

India Tv - Deepika kumari result


A glance at Deepika’s performance after 18 arrows.

05:59 AM: Deepika shoots further 56 and maintains her 10th spot in the ranking with a cumulative score of 167, An San slips further away at the top at 174, followed by Veronika at 171.

05:54 AM:  After the second set of arrows, Deepika shoots further 55 to and is five points behind leader An San of Korea at ranked 10.

05:49 AM: After the first six arrows, Deepika is eighth with 56. She started off with an X and backed that up with three 10s but shot an 8 with the sixth arrow. Early days. Ukraine’s Veronika Marchenko is in the lead with 58 (five 10s, two of which were Xs).

Unfortunately, the Archery Ranking Rounds are not broadcast LIVE.

The Indian archery quartet of Deepika Kumari, Atanu Das, Tarundeep Rai and Pravin Jadhav will begin their campaign on the first day of the Tokyo Olympics on Friday.

Deepika will be the first compete in the women’s individual ranking round from 5:30 am while Das, Rai and Jadhav will be a part of the men’s individual ranking round from 9:30 am. The 27-year-old Deepika is in great form, having won three gold medals at the FITA World Cup Stage 3 in Paris last month — claiming titles in women’s individual recurve, women’s team, and mixed team events.

Deepika will be hoping to be third-time lucky in Tokyo. This Olympics is Deepika’s third Games. She had finished eighth in the women’s team event in the 2012 London Olympics and crashed out in the first round in the women’s individual section in Rio de Janeiro five years ago.

Fans will witness very little sporting action on the first day as only two sports (Archery and Rowing) are scheduled to take place in the morning. The opening ceremony of the Tokyo showpiece is scheduled to take place later in the day. 

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