Tokyo Olympics: 58-Year-Old Olympian Wins Bronze Medal, Promises To Go For Gold At 2024 Paris


The famous saying “Age is just a number” was proved right at the 32nd Olympic Games being held in Tokyo, Japan. One such example of this is 13-year-old Momoji Nishiya, who won a medal at the Tokyo Olympics yesterday. At the same time, 58-year-old Kuwaiti shooter Abdullah Al Rashidi also won the bronze medal in the men’s skeet event.

The seven-time Olympian from Kuwait won a bronze medal in the men’s skeet shooting event. Rashidi made an even more motivating statement after winning the medal, by saying that he would also participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics and would be aiming for gold. Rashidi will turn 61 by the Olympic Games of 2024.

I will strike Gold in Paris Olympics 2024: Rashidi

After winning the bronze medal, Rashidi said, “I am 58 years old. Being the oldest shooter, this bronze medal means no less than a gold medal for me. I am happy with this medal but in the next Olympics I shall strike gold. I was unfortunately not able to win the gold medal this time but I am also happy with the bronze medal. Inshallah I will strike gold at the 2024 Paris Olympics. I will be 61 at the time and will compete in skeet as well as trap.”

Won this medal for Kuwait- Rashidi

Kuwait’s Al Rashidi competed in the Olympics for the first time in 1996. He also won a bronze medal in shooting at the 2016 Rio Olympics, but he had entered as an independent player then. Kuwait was in fact banned by the International Olympic Committee at the time.

On winning a medal for Kuwait, he said, “I was happy to win a medal in the Rio Olympics as well, but I was a little disappointed with the the absence of the Kuwaiti flag.” You would have seen my head bowed down during the ceremony. That’s because I didn’t want to see the Olympic flag. However, I am very happy today to have won an Olympic medal while representing Kuwait.

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