Watch: Gold Medalist Tom Daley Spotted Knitting In Stands During Olympics; Video Goes Viral


Pictures and videos of Tom Daley, who won the gold medal for Great Britain at the Tokyo Olympics, created a huge buzz on social media. In the viral videos and pictures, Tom can be seen knitting a sweater while sitting in the audience to watch the women’s springboard diving final.

The photo showcasing British Olympic Gold medalist amusing knitting skills has also been shared by the official Twitter handle of the Olympics. Tom won the gold medal in the men’s 10-meter synchronized platform diving with Matty Lee.

After this, he was spotted enjoying the women’s 3m springboard final event at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre and during this time his knitting skills immediately caught the eye of the broadcasters.

The 27-year-old Tom was sitting in the stadium wearing the Great Britain jersey at that time. Tom has also knitted a pouch for his gold medal, the video of which has been shared on the official Twitter handle of Tokyo Olympics. Tom is a homosexual and he is very open about it. He announced his relationship in December 2013 by releasing a video on YouTube. 

Tom got engaged to American screenwriter, director and producer Dustin Lance Black in October 2015.  Black has won the Oscar Award for Best Original Screenplay for the biopic Milk.  Both got married in May 2017.

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