What Are Rules For Opening Dairy Farms And Cowsheds In Delhi ? Know Here


New Delhi: The rules for opening dairy farms and cowsheds in Delhi-NCR have been amended, in which the rules have been made more strict. Those opening dairy farms will now have to take measures to prevent water-air pollution as well as stop wastage of water. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has now issued 51-page revised guidelines in this regard. CPCB had earlier issued guidelines for this for the first time in the year 2020 and now they have been amended within a year. 

Contaminated water will not be discharged in the drain

According to the CPCB new guidelines, dairy farms and cowsheds will be prohibited from draining contaminated water and it will have to be refined. For this, a treatment plant will have to be set up. Apart from this, ensure arrangements have to be made for the storage and use of animal dung so that the environment is not polluted. For this, works like making biogas plant, vermicompost manure can be done. Solid Waste Management Act 2016 will be applicable on them. These rules will be applicable across the country and registration of dairy farms, cowsheds at the local level will be mandatory.

Along with this, the distance of dairy farms and cowsheds from schools-colleges and residential areas has been reduced from 200 to 500 meters to 100 meters, from water bodies to 200 meters instead of 100 to 500 meters. 

Allocation of 100 liters for buffalo and 50 liters for cow 

The quantum of allocation of water for dairy farms and cowsheds has also been reduced. Earlier, there was a rule to allot 150 liters of water for bathing and drinking per animal per day for cow-buffalo. Now, this quantity of water has been reduced to 100 liters for buffalo and 50 liters for cow.

Two audits mandatory in 6 months
The role of local bodies and state pollution control boards has also been strengthened to comply with the new rules. Now it has been made mandatory to audit two dairy farms and two cowsheds in six months. Along with this, an awareness campaign will be launched to register each dairy and cowshed at the local level. 


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