Yamuna River’s Water Level Nears Danger Mark, People Living In Low-Lying Areas Shifted


New Delhi: The Yamuna river in Delhi is in spate at the moment due to heavy rains on the hills along with Delhi-NCR. On Wednesday, about 1 lakh 59 thousand cusecs of water was released from Hathni Kund barrage in Yamunanagar, Haryana towards Delhi.

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Almost every day several thousand cusecs of water is being released. Due to the continuous release of water, the flow of Yamuna water intensified and the water level of the Yamuna river in the capital crossed the danger mark on Friday.

On Saturday, the water level came below the danger mark, while on Sunday it once again reached near the danger mark. The water level of Yamuna continues to remain near danger, due to which, flood alerts have been issued in Delhi.

A flood situation will have a direct effect on about 10 thousand people living in the areas located near the Yamuna river in Delhi. If water fills in the areas of the river and a situation of flood arises, then these people will have to shift to the tents set up by the administration. 

People living here have started packing their belongings because they are afraid that if the water level of Yamuna rises, the water may wash off their homes. People of civil defense appointed by the administration are constantly going to these settlements for salvation and are explaining to people that it is time to shift to the tents located on the upper side. 

Tents have been erected and water has been arranged by the government in the upper areas near the settlements on the banks of Yamuna, so that, even if a flood situation arises, people living in the flood-prone areas can be shifted there. 

The areas that can be most affected are most likely Burari, Jaitpur, Badarpur, Yamuna Khadar, Osmanpur, Bastia adjacent to Majnu Ka Tila area, Chilla, Juggio in Okhla. If the water crosses these areas, then the administration has already made arrangements to shift the people living here.

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