Afghan Women Raise ‘Azadi’ Slogan To Protest Against Pak Dropping Bombs In Panjshir – Watch


Kabul: Hundreds of Aghan nationals including women on Tuesday took to the streets of Kabul chanting slogans against Pakistan as various reports claim the latter’s jets conducted airstrikes in Panjshir province.

According to reports, protests began outside the Pakistan Embassy in the Afghan capital to denounce what the demonstrators allege as Pakistan’s interference in Afghanistan, especially Islamabad’s alleged support for the latest Taliban offensive that routed anti-Taliban fighters in Panjshir province.

Protesters gathered at the gate of the Pakistani embassy in Kabul and said that they do not support a puppet government in Afghanistan and asked for an inclusive government.

The people gathered after co-leader of the resistance front in Panjshir province Ahmad Masoud in a voice clip called on people of Afghanistan to resurrect against the Taliban, Khaama News reported.

Protesters were chanting “death to Pakistan”, “aadazi” and asked for the Pakistani embassy to leave Afghanistan. Other slogans such as “Freedom”, “Allah Akbar”, “we do not want captivity” were also chanted by protesters in Kabul.

WATCH | Afghan Nations Raise Slogan Against Pakistan

Later, the Taliban fighters reportedly conducted aerial firing to disperse the protesters but they were still protesting and fewer people were dispersed.

Meanwhile, people in Balkh and Daikundi provinces too took to the streets and chanted slogans against Pakistan.

Even Iran reacted to the reported airstrikes in Panjshir province and the spokesperson of the country’s Foreign Ministry has asked for investigations over what he called the interference of foreign jets.

Earlier in the day, Afghan journalist who was among those detained and who was later freed told The Associated Press he was punished by the Taliban.

They made me rub my nose on the ground and apologize for covering the protest, he said, speaking on condition of anonymity for fears for his safety. Journalism in Afghanistan is getting harder,” he added.

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