‘Afghanistan Situation Continues To Be Very Fragile’: India Calls For Inclusive System At UN


New Delhi: India’s Permanent Representative to United Nations TS Tirumurti has once again expressed concerns over misuse of Afghan territory, saying that it should not be used to threaten or attack any country or to shelter or train terrorists, or to plan or to finance terrorist acts by the Taliban.

“As witnessed from the deplorable terrorist attack at Kabul Airport last month, terrorism continues to pose a serious threat to Afghanistan. It’s therefore important that commitments made in this regard are respected and adhered to,” TS Tirumurti said.
He added that Security Council Resolution 2593 has taken note of the Taliban’s statement that claimed Afghans will be able to travel abroad in an unhindered manner, a statement from the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA). 

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India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations TS Tirumurti is in New York to attend the United Nations Security Council meeting on Afghanistan. 

“The situation in Afghanistan continues to be very fragile. As its immediate neighbour and a friend to its people, the current situation is of direct concern to us,” he said at UNSC Debate on Afghanistan, as quoted by News Agency ANI.

Raising concerns over the condition of women, children and minorities, Tirumurti added: “Uncertainties abound about the future of the Afghan people, as well as about sustaining and building on the gains achieved over the last two decades. In this context, we reiterate the need for the voices of Afghan women to be heard, aspirations of Afghan children to be realized and the rights of minorities to be protected. We call on humanitarian assistance to be provided urgently and underline the need to provide unhindered access to the UN and other agencies in this regard”.

He further said that “India calls for inclusive dispensation in Afghanistan which represents all sections of Afghan society. A broad-based, inclusive and representative formation attained via inclusive negotiated political settlement would gain greater international acceptability and legitimacy”.

India hopes that these commitments will be adhered to, “including regarding safe, secure and orderly departure from Afghanistan of Afghans and all foreign nationals”. 

The UN representative also emphasised that India has contributed to the development of Afghanistan significantly over the last decade. 

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Indian development projects have been undertaken in critical areas of power, water supply, road connectivity, healthcare, education, agriculture and capacity building. 

As stated previously, India’s emphasis has been on the welfare and well-being of the people of Afghanistan. India has undertaken more than 500 development projects in each of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, Tirumurti informed during his address to the United Nations Security Council. 

“We also extended humanitarian assistance through the delivery of 75,000 MT of wheat last year to Afghanistan. We hope that these development projects and the education and human resource development imparted by India over the years will help in contributing to the development of an inclusive and progressive polity,” he said. 

Speaking at the session, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres also said that we must have “dialogue” with the Taliban and avoid “millions of deaths, News Agency AFP reported.

Meanwhile, the Taliban is busy in attempts to crush demonstrations by Journalists, women and activists including university students, who demand equal rights and representation for women. Reports of use of teargas and even violent retaliation have surfaced. Concerns over the Taliban persist as the outfit announced a caretaker government in Afghanistan weeks after the takeover of the war-torn country.

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