After Denial, Taliban Admits To Killing Afghan Comedian; Claims He Was ‘Responsible For Deaths’


Kandahar: Taliban on Thursday accepted killed Afghanistan’s popular comedian Nazar Mohammad, better known as Khasha, after clips emerged on social media showing him being beaten by the terrorist outfit.

“He was not a comedian, he fought against us in several battles. He had tried to flee when we detained him, prompting our gunmen to kill him,” said Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid, according to news agency AFP.

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“He was an active policeman and responsible for deaths of many people,” Mujahid told the news agency. While police commander Sailab, who has worked with Mohammad, said the comedian was never deployed in combat and was more of an entertainer for the checkpoint’s officers.

The militants initially denied they had anything to do with his murder until the videos went viral.

The killing comes as the Taliban — who strictly forbid any form of entertainment when they controlled Afghanistan — are making sweeping territorial gains across the country. The undated video was first shared by Tajuden Soroush, a senior correspondent with Iran International on a micro-blogging platform on July 27, showing the insurgents pointing a gun and slapping Khasha several times.

As per the social media post, the video captured the last moment of the Kandahari comedian after he was “arrested” by the extremist group. In his tweet, Soroush mentioned that the comedian has been killed by the Taliban.

According to media reports, the popular comedian who has worked in the Kandahar Police was forcefully taken out of his home on Thursday night and killed by unidentified gunmen.

The Taliban had intensified attack against the Afghan security forces and claimed that it has captured nearly 70 per cent of Afghanistan.

With the US pulling out from Afghanistan by September, the security situation in the country has deteriorated. Taliban had intensified its attack against the Afghan security forces claiming that it has captured almost 70 per cent of the country. After Eid celebrations, the terrorist group has intensified its attack on Afghan forces forcing people to flee for safety.

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