Covid Restrictions In Europe: As Cases Rise; Restrictions Are Being Imposed Again


New Delhi: In view of the increase in the cases of Covid, restrictions have been increased once again in many countries of Europe. The dangerous Delta variant of Corona has spread in most European countries.

Also, since the unlocked in Britain, the arrival of people here in European countries has increased. About 99 percent of the new cases of corona coming to the UK are from the Delta variant. In view of this, all European countries including the Netherlands, Bulgaria have banned the arrival of tourists from Britain.

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However, there is still a large number of tourists coming from Britain to the countries located in Southern Europe. According to experts, about 1 lakh 35 thousand tourists can reach these European countries this weekend. Due to which there can be a rapid increase in the cases of Covid. Keeping this in mind, the countries of Europe have imposed strict rules on their respective borders. 

France and Portugal are bringing vaccine passports   

In view of the increasing number of tourists, France, Portugal, Greece, and Italy are preparing to change the rules of their passports. Soon it may be made mandatory for tourists coming here to bring a vaccine passport. Apart from this, Germany has made it necessary for people coming from Spain and the Netherlands to be quarantined. 

Also, Italy and France have made it mandatory to have certificates of both doses of the vaccine for entry into museums, gyms, and cinema halls. 

Emphasis is being on vaccination in Europe 

In Europe, more than half the population has been given both doses of the vaccine. However, there are significant differences in the figures for different countries. Experts believe, if the cases of corona increase rapidly, then it can prove to be dangerous even for people who have got both doses of the vaccine. 

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned people about vaccination in his country. After which about 37 lakh people had registered to get the vaccine.

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