From Tesla Car To iPhone, Here What Countries Are Offering To Ramp Up Vaccination


New Delhi: From a Tesla car to iPhone, countries and industrial giants globally are going all the way to ensure citizens get vaccinated to ward off the deadly viral disease. For instance in Hong Kong, you stand a chance to win Tesla whereas Covid-19 vaccination in France and Athens can get you entry to a bar or restaurant and an iPhone is also among the raining products on inoculation. But there are places that ensure that getting a jab is the only way to save the job.

With the Delta variant raising concerns of subsequent wave that could lead to yet another round of lockdowns with countries including Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, France, US, and UAE witnessing a spurt in cases, it’s time for countries to ramp up their vaccination drive.

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The governments worldwide are trying to get every effort to bring back life normal by implementing all possible measures.

Here’s what countries are offering to push vaccination drive

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s incentives are among the fanciest offerings which include a Tesla, an apartment in the world’s most-expensive housing market, gold bars, a diamond Rolex, or a $100,000 shopping spree. Australia’s industrial property company Goodman Group had announced lottery with over HK$1 million in prizes, including Tesla Model 3, for residents of Hong Kong who have been vaccinated by August 31, as per news agency Bloomberg.

United States

For those in the United States, West Virginians are incentivized with lifetime hunting licenses and custom rifles, while in Alabama, people who are vaccinated are offered a chance to drive on a speedway track. US President Joe Biden has also announced states to offer $100 to those who get vaccinated in order to address the declining jab rates. In this regard, New York City has extended payment to anyone who goes to a city-run vaccination site for their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, Mayor Bill de Blasio has said. Earlier, New York had come up with a ‘Vax and Scratch’ program where people were given lottery tickets, which are otherwise sold for $20, free of cost.

In Ohio, those between 12 and 17 and who have got the first jab can enter a contest and avail a one-in-five chance of winning a four-year full-ride scholarship, including tuition, room-and-board, and books to any Ohio state college or university. Those 18 years and older have a chance to win prizes worth $1 million.

Other states in the US including Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, and Delaware have also announced schemes ranging from cash incentives, prize money and similar rewards including free access to state parks.

Industrial giants such as Alrosa are raffling a snowmobile and Hyundai Solaris for its workers who get inoculated. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel allowed an extra day off after the shots, and Phosagro allowed employees to jump to the front of the line to qualify for all-expense-paid trips to resorts, according to Bloomberg. Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić has also opted for the cash route to attract people for shots. Israel is giving ‘Green Pass’ on vaccination which is basically your ticket to gyms, hotels and restaurants.


The country has barred unvaccinated people from entry into indoor restaurants, bars, cafes, and movie theaters. Workers in homes for the elderly have until August 16 to get vaccinated, or face suspension. Although shots are compulsory for health care workers as of September 1.

What is attracting Indians?

A Chennai-based foundation is taking out lucky draws with prizes such as gold coins, washing machines, blenders, and bikes to those who get inoculated, according to an Indian Express report. While the Sheohar district administration in Bihar is said to be adopting a similar model to lure people for vaccines. According to the report, the goldsmith community in Rajkot, Gujarat, had provided freebies to encourage more people for vaccination in April. A  village in Arunachal has been offering free rice to people turning up for the inoculation drive.

Do these incentives push vaccination figures?

Hong Kong drive witnessed a two-fold rise since the rollout of a host of private-sector incentives, a latest study of Ohio’s vaccine lottery provided no evidence supporting the rise in vaccination numbers though it did suggest rates had slowed less in Ohio than in the US overall.

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