NSO Defends Saying, ‘Millions Sleep Thanks To Technologies Like Pegasus’


Jerusalem: Defending itself amid the escalating controversy over its surveillance software Pegasus, Israeli cybersecurity company NSO Group has said millions of people around the world sleep well at night and walk in the streets safely due to such technologies available with the intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

The Israeli cybersecurity company also stated it does not operate the technology nor does it have access to the data collected by its clients.

“Millions of people around the world are sleeping well at night, and safely walking in the streets, thanks to Pegasus and similar technologies which help intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies around the world to prevent and investigate crime, terrorism, and paedophilia rings that are hiding under the umbrella of end-to-End encryption apps,” PTI quoted a spokesperson for NSO as saying.

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“NSO does not operate the technology, nor do we have visibility to the data collected, ” the spokesperson added while commenting on the controversy around its snooping software

Stating the NSO, together with many other cyber intelligence companies in the world, provides cyber intelligence tools for the governments because the law enforcement agencies around the world are in the dark, the company added there is no regulatory solution that allows them to monitor malicious acts on instant messaging and social media.

The statement comes as the alleged use of the Pegasus software to spy on journalists and politicians besides others in a number of nations, including India, has triggered concerns over privacy related issues.

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Hinting at a possible “review of the whole matter of giving licences”, Israel has in the wake of the controversy established a committee to review the allegations of misuse of the NSO group’s surveillance software.

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