Outrage In Pakistan Over A Band’s ‘Bold’ Photo Shoot Near Quaid-E-Azam Monument


Images of a band, circulating on social media, have sent the twitter-verse of Pakistan in a frenzy. The pictures, which have become the talk of the town, is a photoshoot where two young members of the band can be seen wearing clothing considered “obscene and offensive”.

After the band posted its bold pictures on social handles taken near the Quaid-e-Azam monument in Islamabad, it created an outcry from various segments of Pakistan society. Some comments came for the place of the shoot while more were subjected to the choice of clothing used in the photoshoot. As many complained via Twitter, a case has also been registered against them.

“Who gave them the permission,” asked one Twitter user, while someone objected to the place of the photoshoot.

Journalist Ansar Abbasi also took to Twitter where he tagged the officials and asked for the band members’ arrest for spreading obscenity. Office of Deputy Commissioner Islamabad then urged people to inform authorities about the duo.

On the basis of a complaint by an ordinary citizen, law enforcers lodged a case in Coral Police Station against the band members. The complaint alleged that the band members took pictures in revealing dresses and themselves made the images viral on social media.

Meanwhile, after a flurry of moral policing and unwanted messages, the band quit Instagram and deleted their account. In their last social post, the band blamed an individual for initiating a hate campaign against them. The post slammed an individual account for “recklessly amplifying” the “Twitter hate-storm” against them.

“Since then, we have been subjected to a ceaseless barrage of hate messages, threats, and raging transphobic ridicule,” their last post read. 

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