Pakistan National Assembly Passes Resolution To Condemn Attack On Hindu Temple


Islamabad: The National Assembly of Pakistan has passed a resolution to strongly condemn the attack and vandalism on a Hindu temple in district Rahim Yar Khan of Punjab province of Pakistan. 

The resolution, moved by Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Mohammad Khan, read, “This House strongly condemns the ransacking of the temple,” and added that Prime Minister Imran Khan had also condemned the incident and issued instructions to bring the culprits to justice. 

“The Constitution of Pakistan provides complete protection to the rights of minorities and this House also affirms that rights of minorities and their places of worship will be fully protected. The whole nation and government are united on this point. Islam completely protects the rights of minorities. The House reassures the Hindu community and Pakistan Hindu Council of their safety,” the resolution read, as quoted by Dawn. 

 Dr Ramesh Vankwani, Patron-in-chief Pakistan Hindu Council Member of National Assembly also condemned the repeated attacks on Hindu temples. While speaking in the Pakistan Assembly, Vankwani raised the issued of temple attack and said  such incidents bring disrespect to the country.

Country’s Supreme Court also slammed authorities for failing to stop an attack on the Hindu temple and ordered the arrest of the culprits. 

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On Wednesday, a crowd of Bhong residents, who had been provoked by a social media post, broke into the Hindu temple and vandalised it by setting fire to parts of it and destroying idols of Hindu gods.  

The site, about 590 kilometres from Lahore, was reported to have been vandalised by the mob after being instigated by some people on an incident that happened in a madrassa. An official said last week an eight-year-old Hindu boy allegedly urinated in the library of the madrassa in the locality, following which tension arose in Bhong. Hindu and Muslim communities have lived peacefully in the area for decades.

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