Taliban Accused Of Killing Pregnant Policewoman In Front Of Husband, Children: Report


He further said that the Taliban had already announced an amnesty for people who worked for the previous administration. He said that Negar’s murder was due to “personal enmity or something else”.

Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan they have been portraying an image different from the one globally known but they are reports that suggest otherwise. Many human rights groups have been documenting revenge killings, detentions and persecution of religious minorities.

Women rights activists in Kabul held protests on Saturday seeking rights and representation in the new government and the demonstrations turned violent with Taliban forces preventing them from marching towards the presidential palace.

According to the protesters, Taliban forces used tear gas to stop the protest, TOLO News reported.

Earlier, a group of Afghan women activists staged a demonstration in Kabul on Friday with demands of equal rights and decision-making roles in political life in the country’s future government. 

On Sunday, the Taliban gave details of how segregation of the sexes will be enacted in universities. The extensive document stated that men and women have to be segregated according to an AFP report and if necessary by a curtain.  

The report further stated that, ideally, women will be taught by women but if none are available then “old men” of good character can step in.

Additionally, female students must wear an abaya, or robe, and niqab, or face veil.


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