Taliban Captures Key Post Along Pakistan Border In Spin-Boldak Area, Flag Seen At Spot: Reports


New Delhi: According to the reports from Afghanistan, the Taliban have captured an important border post adjacent to Pakistan. The flag of the Taliban is also visible along with the flag of Pakistan at the very important Chaman Integrated Check Post between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

However, so far no official confirmation of this possession has come to the fore. This Chaman chowki is in the same Spin-Boldak area of Kandahar where Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui was killed in a Taliban attack last week.

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A video has also surfaced on social media in which Taliban fighters are seen raising a big flag on the border post. According to the experts, this is the joint border post between Afghanistan and Pakistan of Chaman. Trade and official movement has taken place between the two countries through this border post. Pakistan has closed this border post last week after a fierce clash between the Afghan army and the Taliban in the Spin-Boldak area. But it is believed that after the capture of the Taliban, Pakistan has again opened this chowki for the movement of people.

There is also news that the Taliban has captured an important border post in Afghanistan adjacent to Iran. According to security experts, initially, the Taliban is trying to strengthen its position in the border areas of Afghanistan. There are also reports of a large number of active Taliban fighters on the border with Uzbekistan.

The Taliban has intensified its war in Afghanistan since the return of the US Army from Afghanistan. The Taliban claimed to have captured a large part of Afghanistan, which the Afghan army has rejected. The Afghan army is engaged in a campaign to drive out the Taliban from Kandahar and other border areas.

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