Transport ministry makes BIS-certified helmets compulsory for two-wheelers

New Delhi: Aiming at avoiding the sale of low-quality two-wheeler helmets in the country to protect citizens from fatal injuries, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on Friday released an order stating only Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)-certified safety gears would be allowed to be manufactured and sold in the country.

“Only BIS certified two-wheeler helmets would be manufactured and sold in the country. This would help in avoiding the sale of low-quality helmets in the country, which would, in turn, help in protecting citizens involved in two-wheeler accidents from fatal injuries,” said a release.

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’s “Helmet for riders of two-wheelers motor vehicles (quality control) order, 2020”, compulsory BIS certification and publication of the Quality Control Order is necessary for the sale of protective helmets.

The release mentions, “As per the directions of Supreme Court, a Committee on Road Safety was formulated for considering lighter helmets in India suiting the country’s climatic conditions and for ensuring compliance amongst citizen to wear the helmets. The committee had experts from different fields, including expert doctors from AIIMS and BIS. In March 2018, after a detailed analysis, the committee, in its report, recommended lighter helmets in the country, and the ministry it.”

“As per the recommendations of the committee, the BIS has revised specifications for making lighter helmets. With good competition in the Indian markets and with numerous helmet manufacturers, now it is expected that the competition would enable demand for good quality and lighter helmets,” the release stated. As per the release, nearly 1.7 crore two-wheelers are being manufactured in India annually.


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