UNDP India launches GRID for inclusive development

New Delhi: UNDP Accelerator Lab India on Friday launched the Grassroot Innovation Database (GRID) to foster inclusive development at the community level, according to a statement.

It contains 1,500 solutions, ranging from simple to complex in design, which can be implemented at the community level and these innovative solutions have been developed by grassroot communities, individuals, start-ups, students and other innovators from various states across India, the UNDP said in a statement.

The unique database caters to various sectors which include livelihood, natural resource management, agriculture, agro-biodiversity, pest management, water management, farm machinery, biodiversity conservation, augmentation, inclusive growth, waste management, circular economy amongst others, it said.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) statement said GRID has been co-created for public use by GIAN [Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network], Honey Bee Network Institution and UNDP- Accelerator Lab-India.


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